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I have no plans for this new Year, But when i do i'll do my new Collaborations of 2016. There will be more collaborations,MEMES and customizations even i'll have to watch more New ANIMES (i hope) and Earn money for the Ozine Fest 2016. BTW im preparing for the PPGD fanclub's 5th Anniversary & 5th anniversary of reading Bleedman's PPGD,Grim Tales & Sugar Bits webcomics on SNAFU! Guess i'll be busy for now eh.
  • Listening to: SOngs in Nightcore versions
  • Reading: Novels and Comics
  • Watching: GATE & Aria the Scarlet Ammo AA
  • Playing: Random games
Can't belive that #tv5philippines  return their ANIME Block #tv5animega  returns! yep! as an Admin of IAASTV5 i have no idea so i'll keep making more FB Post and new Art COLLABORATIONS as a tribute for TV5 AnIMEGA!

at least #swordartonline is now on the Philippine TV and guess what? it's on TV5 AniMEGA/Kids block hell yeah! but damn im still banned on TV5 AnIMEGA FB PAGE sadly.... :(
  • Listening to: RNB and OPM
  • Reading: Otakuzine Anime magazine,Snafu-comics webcomics
  • Watching: The Avengers movie 2012
  • Playing: Modern Warfare 3
  • Eating: anything!.
  • Drinking: anything
In my world everything is POSSIBLE!.
Anime,Cartoons,Manga/Comics,Crossovers and everything!.
someday i could change the world with crossovers in a FLASH!.